Soap3day: The Most Unique And Interesting Soapmaking Project

What is Soap3day?

Soap3day is a unique soapmaking project that allows participants to create their own soap recipe, using any type of oil or liquid they want. The project was started by Kelly from A Beautiful Mess in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the most popular soapmaking projects on the internet. Soapday is also a great way for beginners to get started in soapmaking, as there is no need for special equipment or ingredients.

To participate in Soap3day, all you need is a basic understanding of soapmaking basics (mixing oils, creating lye solution, saponification) and a basic recipe for your desired type of soap. You can find many premade soaps on the Soapday website, or you can create your own using any oils or liquids you like.

Soapday is usually held on the first full weekend in November each year. There are currently 27 active Soapdays worldwide!

How Soap3day Works

Soap3day is a project that was started in 2012 by Tracy and Brent. It is an interesting soapmaking project because it challenges the typical way that soap is made. Soapday allows participants to make soap using a mold that has been designed specifically for the project. The goal of the project is to create unique soaps that are different from each other. In addition, participants are also allowed to use nontraditional ingredients in their soaps. This allows them to create soaps with a unique scent and flavor.

Soapday starts off by requiring participants to gather supplies. These supplies include a mold, lye, soap base, fragrance oil, and colorant. Next, participants have to prepare the lye solution by adding water and then stirring until the mixture becomes thick and bubbly. After the lye solution has been prepared, it can be used to melt the soap base. The soap base can be any type of cold-cast soap base, but some popular choices include olive oil soap bases and coconut oil soap bases. Once the soap base has been melted, it can be poured into the mold cavities. Participants are then required to let the soaps cool before they add any fragrance or colorant.

Soapday is an interesting project because it challenges traditional ways of making soap. By using a specific mold designed for Soapday, participants are able to create unique soaps with different scents and flavors. In addition, nontraditional ingredients allow

Soap3day project – Pinterest

Soapday is a project that started on Pinterest. The goal of the project is to create soap using only three ingredients. Some of the soapers who have taken part in the project include Tracy Bartz, Melissa Cossell and Brittany Whitten.

Bartz created a bar of soap that uses apricot oil, avocado oil and castor oil. Cossell used blackberry jam and blueberry jam as her base ingredients for her soap. Whitten made a batch of soap that uses grapefruit juice, orange juice, honey and olive oil as its ingredients.

Soapmaking can be a fun and creative process, and Soapday is a great way to get started!

The Different Types of Soap You Can Make

There are a lot of different types of soap you can make, and each one has its own special qualities that set it apart from the others. Here are four different types of soap you can make:

1. Soap Granules: This type of soap is made by combining castile soap with other ingredients, like oils or butters, to create a granular texture. This type of soap is great for people who want a light, moisturizing washcloth experience.

2. Soap Bubbles: This type of soap is created by combining glycerin and hot water to form small bubbles. These bubbles help to create a luxurious lather and are perfect for people who want a deep cleanse.

3. Soap Fizzies: This type of soap is created by combining glycerin and cold water to form small fizzy bubbles. These bubbles help to create a luxuriously creamy lather and are perfect for people who want an intensive cleanse.

4. Soap Cakes: This type of soap is created by combining castile soap with other ingredients, like oils or butters, to form round cakes. These cakes can then be molded into any shape you desire and are perfect for people who want a personalized washcloth experience.


Soapmaking can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. That’s why we love Soap3day, an event that brings together soapmakers from all over the world to share their unique soaping projects and techniques. This year’s theme is “The Magic of led soap,” and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your own soap, or if you are already a soapmaker and want to show off your work, then don’t miss out on Soap3day!

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