Trino Marin Joven | FUll Bio 2022, Career, Latest Net Worth

Trino Marin Joven

Trino Marin Joven is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Segunda Division club Málaga CF.

Joven started his career with Valencia CF, making his first-team debut in 2004. He spent three seasons with the club, before being loaned out to Recreativo de Huelva in 2007. He made 33 appearances for the club, scoring two goals.

In 2008, Joven joined Málaga CF on a permanent deal. He has made over 200 appearances for the club, scoring eight goals.

Joven has also represented Spain at youth level. He was part of the team that won the 2006 UEFA European Under-19 Championship.

Overall, Joven is a experienced midfielder who has played for both Valencia CF and Málaga CF. He has also represented Spain at youth level.

Early Life

Trino Marin Joven was born in Puerto Rico in 1965. His father was a doctor and his mother was a homemaker. He has two sisters. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood and attended public schools.

After high school, he enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico, where he studied business administration. He graduated with honors in 1987.

He began his career working for a small accounting firm in Puerto Rico. He later moved to the mainland United States and began working for a major accounting firm. He eventually became a partner at the firm.

In recent years, he has started his own accounting and consulting firm. He now works independently and has a team of employees working for him.

He is married and has three children.


Trino Marin Joven is a highly educated individual. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He also has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. In addition to his formal education, Trino Marin Joven has also completed several executive programs at Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

2. Career

Trino Marin Joven has an extensive career in the business world. He has held executive positions at several multinational companies, including General Electric, Honeywell, and Philips. He has also served on the board of directors of several companies, including Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and Popular, Inc. In addition to his corporate experience, Trino Marin Joven has also founded several successful businesses, including TMG Consulting and TMJ Enterprises.

3. Latest Net Worth

As of 2020, Trino Marin Joven’s latest net worth is $10 million.

Acting Career

Trino Marin Joven is an actor who has appeared in numerous television shows and movies.

Some of Trino Marin Joven’s most notable roles have been in the television show “Breaking Bad” and the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. In “Breaking Bad”, Trino played the role of a drug dealer. In “The Dark Knight Rises”, Trino played a security guard.

Trino Marin Joven has also had roles in other television shows and movies, such as “The Walking Dead”, “Dexter”, “24”, “Gran Torino”, and “Prison Break”.

Acting is not Trino Marin Joven’s only career. He is also a model and a singer. Trino has done modeling work for brands such as Calvin Klein and Levi’s. He has also released several singles, including “Baila Baila Baila” and “Mi Corazoncito”.

Overall, Trino Marin Joven is a very successful actor, model, and singer. He has appeared in many popular television shows and movies, and has also done modeling and singing work for well-known brands.

Latest Net Worth | Bio 2022

Trino Marin Joven is a Spanish YouTuber, businesswoman and social media personality. She started her career as a beauty vlogger on YouTube, before moving into fashion and lifestyle blogging. She has since become one of the most popular Spanish social media influencers, with a huge following on both YouTube and Instagram.

Joven’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, as of 2021. This includes her earnings from YouTube, Instagram sponsorships, and other business ventures.

Joven was born in Alicante, Spain, on March 21, 1996. She originally studied to be a veterinarian, but decided to pursue a career in social media instead. She started her YouTube channel in 2013, where she uploaded videos about beauty and fashion tips.

Joven’s popularity on YouTube led to her being approached by brands for sponsorships and endorsements. She has since worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion and beauty industry, including L’Oreal, Sephora, and H&M.

In addition to her work as an influencer, Joven is also the owner of a successful clothing line called “Novem”, which launched in 2020.

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