Victoria Triece: The Tumblr Sensation

Victoria Triece is a sensation on Tumblr. With over 200,000 followers, she has become one of the most popular bloggers on the platform. But who is she? Victoria Triece is a 20-year-old student from Australia. She started her Tumblr blog in 2012 as a way to express her love of fashion and beauty. Since then, she has amassed a huge following of loyal fans who love her style and her down-to-earth personality. In this interview, we chat with Victoria about her blogging journey, her fashion inspirations, and what the future holds for her.

Victoria Triece is a 21-year-old student and artist from Australia who has been taking the internet by storm with her unique Tumblr blog. Her blog, which is full of beautiful photography and thought-provoking writing, has earned her a devoted following of fans who can’t get enough of her work. In this interview, Victoria talks about her inspirations, her creative process, and what she hopes to achieve with her art. Read on to learn more about this rising star of the internet.

Victoria Triece: The Tumblr Sensation

Victoria Triece, the 18-year-old from Los Angeles, has become an overnight sensation on Tumblr. Her unique style of photography – which she dubs “light painting” – has captivated the social media platform, with users flocking to her page to see her latest creations.

Victoria’s light paintings are created by using long exposure photography to capture images of herself in various lights and colors. She often uses LED lights and glow sticks to create her ethereal photos, which have a dreamlike quality to them.

While Victoria is relatively new to the world of photography, she has already amassed a loyal following on Tumblr. Her photos have been reposted thousands of times and she has even been featured on some of the biggest Tumblr blogs.

With her undeniable talent and originality, it’s only a matter of time before Victoria becomes a household name. So be sure to follow her on Tumblr to keep up with her latest light paintings!

How Victoria Triece Got Started on Tumblr

Victoria Triece is a 20-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley. She started using Tumblr in 2012, when she was just 16 years old.

Victoria began using Tumblr as a way to connect with other people who shared her interests. She soon found herself spending more and more time on the site, and she eventually began posting her own content.

Victoria’s Tumblr blog quickly became popular, and she soon had thousands of followers. She has since become one of the most popular bloggers on Tumblr, with millions of followers.

Victoria’s success on Tumblr has led to opportunities beyond the platform. She has been featured in magazines and newspapers, and she has even appeared on television.

Despite her success, Victoria remains humble and down-to-earth. She is proof that anyone can find success on Tumblr – you just need to put in the effort!

Victoria Triece’s Rise to Fame

Victoria Triece’s road to fame began when she started her Tumblr blog in 2011. Since then, she has amassed a following of over 2 million fans who enjoy her relatable and funny content.

Victoria’s blog covers a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to pop culture and her personal life. She has also become known for her DIY tutorials, which have helped her followers save money and learn new skills.

In addition to her successful blog, Victoria has also released a book, “The Little Book of VICTORIA,” which was an instant bestseller. She is currently working on another book as well as several other projects.

There is no doubt that Victoria Triece is one of the most popular bloggers around. Her unique voice and relatable content have made her an internet sensation, and there is no doubt that she will continue to be successful in everything she does.

What Makes Victoria Triece So Popular?

Victoria Triece is a model and fashion blogger who has been taking the internet by storm. Her unique style and outgoing personality have made her one of the most popular girls on Tumblr.

What makes Victoria so popular? Let’s take a look:

1. Her Unique Style

Victoria has a very unique sense of style that is both edgy and feminine. She is often seen rocking bold prints and bright colors, which perfectly reflect her fun personality.

2. Her Outgoing Personality

Victoria is not afraid to be herself, and she is always up for a good time. She is always posting hilarious stories and pictures on her Tumblr, which keeps her followers entertained.

3. Her Fashion Blog

Victoria’s fashion blog is one of the most popular on Tumblr. She posts daily outfit pictures and gives tips on how to achieve her style. Her blog is a must-read for any fashion-savvy Tumblr user.

What Does the Future Hold for Victoria Triece?

Victoria Triece has already accomplished so much at her young age, and the future looks very bright for her. She has a large and loyal following on Tumblr, and she is an accomplished artist. Her work has been featured in several online and print publications, and she has exhibited her work in galleries around the world.

Victoria shows no signs of slowing down, and we can only imagine what the future holds for her. We anticipate that she will continue to produce stunning artwork and gain even more recognition for her talent. We hope that she will continue to use her platform to spread positivity and inspire others. Whatever the future holds for Victoria Triece, we know that it will be amazing!


In conclusion, Victoria Triece is an extremely talented individual who has found success in many different areas. She is a great role model for young girls everywhere who are looking to pursue their dreams and make a name for themselves. We can all learn a lot from her story and I hope that her message of following your heart and pursuing your passions will inspire you to do the same. Thank you so much for reading!

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